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Improve your Customer’s experience - and your Sales.

“Playing music in a store without considering why, how, or what kind, is like ordering the decorators to use paint without specifying the type or colour.”

Julian Treasure

The Sound Agency

How You Sound

matters as much as

How You Look

PeopleStream’s aim is to provide the right kind of royalty-free music for your retail space, interspersed with your own promotional information – in other words, a custom-built SoundScape.

This ensures that you have total control of the way your retail space looks, feels, and sounds, increasing customer satisfaction, sales, market share, image, and profits.

You will no longer be at the whim of a far-removed DJ. And you will not run the risk of hearing your competitor’s ads playing in your environment.

We record and produce our own music, free of royalties, covering more than 50 genres. Because of this, we can offer you a custom SoundScape at a fraction of what you are currently paying.*

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Every movie you watch uses music to create the right mood. In most instances, you’re not aware of the music. But if it wasn’t there, or if it was the wrong kind of music, the scene would lose its impact.

The same applies to your retail space. Every year, businesses spend huge amounts of money on how they look, but pay almost no attention at all to how they sound.

And yet pace of shopping, amount spent, and product selection have all been shown to be affected by music.

It’s vital to make sure that the sound you play is appropriate and valuable. Does it attract customers, or discourage them from spending a longer time in your store and purchasing more?

* Conditions apply


Almost all music is made to be listened to, not ignored. Intention is important with sound, so when pop music is used as aural wallpaper there is a battle between the music’s intention (to be listened to) and the intention of most of the people being exposed to it (shopping, talking, thinking and so on). Music is a very dense sound: it calls our attention to it, so it hinders cognition. We all know the feeling of rising stress when we try to think or talk with loud music playing. Music is simply not fit for purpose as background sound – with the sole exception of ambient music, in its original conception by Brian Eno as music that’s specifically designed not to be listened to.

Julian Treasure, The Sound Agency

19th January 2012

...Most retail music is fast-paced pop, which is simply inappropriate for many stores. If you want to speed people up and reduce dwell time, play fast music. I can absolutely understand fast music in McDonald’s – but not in Swarovski, Zara or O2 stores. Anyone selling high value or complex goods or services should be in the business of slowing people down and relaxing them, not speeding them up and generating stress hormones.

Julian Treasure, The Sound Agency

19th January 2012

An NOP poll sponsored in 1998 by the UK’s RNID (now renamed Action on Hearing Loss) found that roughly one third of people liked public background music, one third didn’t care and one third hated it. Upsetting one third of your customers is a serious decision to take.